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Paddington Bear in the garden

Paddington Bear in the garden

Michael Bond
Illustrator:  R. W. Alley 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 8
HarperCollins, 2002   ISBN: 978-0060296964

Living with the Browns at number thirty-two Windsor Gardens is, in Paddington's opinion, just wonderful. The Browns let him have marmalade for breakfast every day and he even has his own room. Then the Browns decide that Paddington and the two Brown children should be given the opportunity to create small gardens of their very own. Paddington is thrilled but he does encounter a rather considerable problem – he does not know what to do in his little garden area. So, being the kind of bear who takes such matters very seriously, Paddington sets off to look for "ideas."

A book that Paddington buys in the market is full of advice and suggestions and Paddington does his best to do what the author says. This does not turn out to be as easy as it sounds however, and Paddington gets into quite a pickle – as he so often does.

In this delightful Paddington picture book Michael Bond takes his one-of-a-kind bear on yet another adventure during which Paddington manages to get into trouble. Of course he does not do this on purpose, trouble just seems to find Paddington. The situations that Paddington finds himself in are, to say the very least, quite unique.

The illustrations in this story perfectly capture the humor in the story, and readers will be hard put not to smile when they see what this incomparable bear is up to.