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P Is for Princess: A Royal Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)

P Is for Princess: A Royal Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets)

Steven L. Layne, Deborah Dover Layne
Illustrator:  Robert Papp , Lisa Papp 
Nonfiction Picture Book  Series
For ages 6 to 10
Sleeping Bear Press, 2007   ISBN: 978-1585363063


Many people are fascinated by stories about royal personages. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Grace – they all capture our imagination, and their stories fill pages of magazines and books. Whether they are real people or fictional ones, stories about these personalities delight people of all ages. Now readers can enjoy exploring the worlds and lives of royalty in a beautiful alphabet book format.

For every letter of the alphabet the authors highlight a royal person or some aspect of royal life. For example for the letter B they tell readers about balls, those dances that are so beloved by royals. Where would Cinderella be if she hadn't been invited to Prince Charming's ball?

Every topic has a poem, a longer description, and an illustration. On the H page we read a short poem about Princess Ka'iulani of Hawaii and look at a delightful picture of the youthful royal. Then we can read about Hawaii and about this real-life young princess who tried so hard to keep her home independent.

Like all the Sleeping Bear Press alphabet books this title can be enjoyed on several levels. Very young readers can look at the pictures and read the poems, while older readers can read the longer sections of text that go into the topics in more detail.