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Our Library

Our Library

Eve Bunting
Illustrator:  Maggie Smith 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Clarion Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-0618494583

Raccoon and his friends are dismayed when Miss Goose the librarian tells them that their library is going to have to close. The library building needs a new roof and a coat of paint. Quickly the young animals check out some books about painting and fixing roofs. Quickly they learn all they need to know, and then they set to work until the library looks almost as good as new.

Unfortunately the library is still not safe because there is no money to run it. Once again Raccoon and his friends look through the shelves until they find the book they need. What follows is a flurry of money-making activities. The young animals hold a bake sale, an art sale, and they sell candy. They raise lots of money but their troubles are not yet over. Will knowledge that they get from books be able to save their library one more time?

Children who think that libraries are useless places will be amazed to discover how much you can learn using the tools that libraries have to offer. The solutions to a myriad of problems lie within the pages of library books. Not only that, but libraries also offer everyone the opportunity to spend quality time with the people they care about the most. Going to reading time together, attending book clubs, or just reading borrowed books together bring friends and family members together.

Children will find it hard not to feel impressed by the initiative that Raccoon and his friends show in their efforts to save their library. It just goes to show how much one can do if one cares enough.

With a meaningful text and delightful illustrations, this picture book is must for anyone who wants to share their love of books and libraries with the children in their life.