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Our Big Home: An Earth Poem

Our Big Home: An Earth Poem

Linda Glaser
Illustrator:  Elisa Kleven 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Lerner, 2002   ISBN: 978-0761317760

Sometimes it is easy to forget how precious our planet is, how unique and beautiful it is. Sometimes we forget that we share our planet with all kinds of living and growing things. We share our water with ?Whales, dolphins, manatees,/penguins, palm trees, you and me.? The sun above us does not shine just on this one place but it shines on people and places all over the world ? it ?warms us all.?

We also share the earth beneath our feet, the air and the wind which ?whooshes and whirls,? the beautiful sky both in the day and the night, and the lovely moon as it ?travels across the sky.? We all share life as we play and work, as we ?leap in the air or lay in the grass? on this planet of ours which gives us life and a home.

This gorgeously illustrated picture book perfectly captures the beauty and the splendor of our planet and though the words are never said, we all know that it is up to us to protect this precious home for ourselves and for all the other living things that live here. It is a shared resource and not something that we can afford to squander. The multimedia illustrations show people from all over the world tilling the soil, watching the rain fall, seeing the sun raise, sleeping in their beds and more. We see creatures from all over the world swimming in the oceans, digging in the earth, flying in the sky, and sleeping under the stars; and in these illustrations we see ourselves as a part of a great big beautiful picture.

This is a Reading Rainbow book.