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Otto the Book Bear

Otto the Book Bear

Katie Cleminson
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Hyperion , 2012   ISBN: 978-1423145622

Otto is a bear who lives in a book, and he loves it when children read his story. What the children don’t know is that Otto is able to come to life and leave the pages of his book when he wants to. When no one is around to see what he is up to, Otto goes exploring. He also reads books and practices writing.

Then one day something unthinkable happens. Otto’s family moves away, and Otto’s book, with Otto in it of course, gets left behind. Otto is not the kind of bear to feel sorry for himself, so he leaves the house and goes out into the wide world.

Otto soon discovers that a city is not a very pleasant place to be if you are a very small bear who doesn’t have a home. He misses his book and begins to feel very “downhearted.”

In this deliciously sweet picture book, we meet a delightful book character who is appealing, and whose story will touch the hearts of every reader who encounters him. Young readers will, in all likelihood, never feel the same way about picture book characters after they meet Otto.