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Opposite Surprise

Opposite Surprise

Agnese Baruzzi
Novelty Board Book
For ages 1 to 4
minedition, 2017   ISBN: 978-9888341375

One of the best ways to help little children learn basic concepts is to make the learning process enjoyable and fun. Over the years many authors and illustrators have found creative ways to make their books about colors, numbers, and letters engaging and even interactive.

In this board novelty title Agnese Baruzzi presents little children with a delightful way to explore their opposites. On every spread we are presented with a question, which we have to answer. For example, the first question we encounter is “Small or big?” At first what we see is indeed small. There in front of us is a picture of a small blue van. However, when we open up the fold-out page we see that the little blue van is in fact part an enormous digging machine. On another page we are asked “Slow or fast?” and we see a picture of a little turtle, which we know is slow. Then we open up the page and the turtle is transformed into a large, and very fast moving, plane.

Children are going to love this clever interactive title. It allows them to explore opposites for themselves through a question and answer format, and it has pages that fold out with bright and colorful illustrations.