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Oodles of Polka Dots

Oodles of Polka Dots

From the editors and writers at Ame
Craft novelty book
for ages 8 to 12
American Girl, 2010   ISBN: 978-1593696467

Children have been creating art using dots, and decorating crafts with dots for generations. We cannot be sure when the polka dot came on the scene, but perhaps it was inspired by the Polka dance, which became popular in the mid 1800s. The dance was so popular that people began naming all kinds of things using the word polka. Though polka hats, polka jackets, and polka puddings are no longer in fashion, polka dots still are.

In this book, polka dots, “A large number of dots repeated to form a regular pattern or design,” are front and center. There are book marks, posters, and door labels to pull out of the book. There are word puzzles to figure out, writing projects to try, art and craft projects to make, and stencils and swatches that you can use to decorate all kinds of things. If you like to doodle, there are polka dot doodle ideas to try. In all, there eighty pages of polka dotty things to try that will give young people hours of fun that they can share with their friends.

This book would make a perfect gift for someone who likes dots, bright colors, and arts and crafts.