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One, Two, Three, Mother Goose

One, Two, Three, Mother Goose

Edited by Iona Opie
Illustrator:   Rosemary Wells 
Poetry Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Candlewick Press, 2016   ISBN: 978-0763687663

In the early 1780’s the first Mother Goose collection of children’s nursery rhymes was published. Since then countless editions have been printed and thousands of copies have been given to little children. Often the first verses grownups share with their children are Mother Goose rhymes, and often copies of Mother Goose collections are passed down through the generations in families.

In this delightful board book little children are introduced to fourteen rhymes, which vary a great deal in their tone and structure. Some tell a little tale, while others simply offer the reader and listener the opportunity to revel in the sounds of words.

As they explore this book, children will encounter rhymes that they know well, and also some that may be new to them. Throughout the book Rosemary Wells’ expressive little animal characters provide a perfect backdrop for the poems.