Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

One, Two, Peekaboo

One, Two, Peekaboo

Annette Rusling
Illustrator:  Kate Saunders 
Novelty Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589255814

Young children love to play peekaboo. In fact, they often want to play it again and again, and their grownups get weary of the game long before the children do.

   This special novelty title for young children has sturdy board pages that are colorfully illustrated. Each page has a flap that children can lift to look at another illustrated scene underneath. All of the flaps also have die cut holes in them that are perfect for peeking through. Each page focuses on a number, and the simple text tells a little rhyming story.

   For example, on the page for the number three we see a pond scene. We are told that there are three lily pads “floating on the pool.” We can look through three lily pad shaped holes, and when we pull down the flap we see “three croaky frogs, splashing to keep cool.”

   Further along in the book we come to the page for the number six. Here we see a little bear standing at the side of a ship, and a parrot friend is keeping it company. The ship has “six round portholes for peeking through,” and we can see colorful patterns through the die cut portholes. When we lift the flap we can see six striped or polka dotted fish swimming in the sea.

   This novelty title will not only allow children to play peekaboo as much as they like, but it will also encourage them to practice counting, and it will help them to learn how to identify the numbers from one to ten.