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One Smart Goose

One Smart Goose

Caroline Jayne Church
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2005   ISBN: 0439687659

There once was a gaggle of geese that lived on a farm. All the geese were “shiny and clean” except for one goose. This one small goose splashed around in a muddy pond and the clean geese laughed at him.

Every time there was a full moon, the fox would come to the farm and he would chase the geese all over the place, snapping at them and pulling out their feathers. However, he never chased the dirty goose. After one particularly trying episode with the fox, the clean geese decided to ask the dirty goose why he was never chased by the fox. The dirty goose explained that the fox did not see him because of his dirty feathers. In no time at all there wasn’t a clean goose in sight. They were all dirty. What the formerly clean geese did not know was that their troubles with the fox weren’t quite over.

In this amusing picture book, Caroline Jayne Church shows her readers how important it is to adapt yourself to the situation that you find yourself in. It also is important to realize that begin different can indeed be a very good thing.

With charming multimedia illustrations and a memorable story, this picture book will appeal to young readers who like to see ‘the little guy’ prove that he is actually not so little after all.