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One small Step: Celebrating the first men on the moon

One small Step: Celebrating the first men on the moon

Jerry Stone
Novelty Book
For ages 7 and up
Roaring Brook Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1596434912

Mike has a very interesting family. His grandfather was working in the Mission Control Center in Houston when man first walked on the moon, and his mother is a NASA scientist. Not surprisingly, Mike is fascinated by the story of how man ended up landing on the moon. He has brought together all the documents, photos, and memorabilia that his grandfather and mother have collected, to create a scrapbook about the first moon landing.

Mike begins by showing us what the moon is, and what we have learned about it over the years. He then goes on to describe the Space Race, and how this race drove American scientists to work hard to build a space vessel that could take astronauts to the moon, and bring them safely back to Earth.

Using diagrams, photos, and lots of notes, Mike shows us what Apollo 11 and Saturn V looked like, and where their function was. Saturn V launched Apollo 11 into space. Once it was out in space, the three astronauts who were chosen for the moon landing mission had to set up the Lunar and Command modules so the travelers could land on, and leave, the moon.

Readers who have a fondness for details will greatly enjoy this fact packed multimedia title. There are flaps to lift, mini books to read, and photos and diagrams to examine. The book truly looks like a real scrapbook, complete with tape, paperclips, newspaper clippings, and much more.

This title is a must for readers of all ages who are interested in space and the moon landing, because it gives one a real feel for what it must have been like to be a part of one of man's greatest adventures.