Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

One is a feast for a mouse

One is a feast for a mouse

Judy Cox
Illustrator:  Jeffrey Ebbeler 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Holiday House, 2008   ISBN: 0823422313

The Thanksgiving meal is over, and all the humans in the house are dozing or are outside playing. Now it is time for Mouse to get a meal for himself. The dining table is still covered with leftovers, so Mouse picks a pea and turns to leave. After all, one pea is great deal for a mouse and Mouse tells himself that “one is a feast for me.”

As he crosses the table, Mouse sees three cranberries on a plate and he decides to take just one of these. Then he takes an olive, one carrot, and a plate with some mashed potatoes on it. Mouse carries more and more until…disaster strikes.

Young children will greatly enjoy this holiday story with its little mouse character and its meaningful message. Children will know that trouble is coming, and the anticipation is quite delightful. Plenty of humor and action paired with bright colorful illustrations makes this a winning title.