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Once there was a Christmas Tree: A Magical Snow Globe Book

Once there was a Christmas Tree: A Magical Snow Globe Book

Jerry Smath
Novelty Book
For ages 3 to 5
Scholastic, 2005   ISBN: 978-0439724999

It is almost Christmastime and Mr. and Mrs. Bear still don't have their Christmas tree. So Mr. Bear goes out into the woods and cuts down a tree. When he brings it home he and his wife quickly see that it is too big and they decide to cut the tree in half. Then they see that Mr. Fox and his son are going past. Maybe they would like the top half of the Bear's tree as a gift. The foxes are delighted with their present and soon their half of the Bear tree is set up in their front room. Then Mr. Fox remembers that his friend Old rabbit doesn?t have a tree yet. Perhaps if the foxes cut their tree in half they can give the top to Old Rabbit.

One after another, the animals in this story take the kindness of the Bear family and turn it into a kindness of their own. In turn each animal "took my tree and made it two / One half for me, one half for you" and the joy of the original tree is shared again and again.

This simple little story is beautifully presented in a picture book with thick pages and with a "snow globe" picture built into the cover.