Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

On my beach

On my beach

Sara Gillingham
Illustrator:  Lorena Siminovich 
Novelty Board Book
For infants to children age 3
Chronicle Books, 2015   ISBN: 978-1452106403

Most of us have spent many wonderful hours on beaches. We have paddled in the waves, built sandcastles, and explored tidal pools. Now, imagine if you can, what it might be like if you were not a human, but were a little orange crab instead. What would your beach time be like if you had claws, eyes on stalks and a hard shell?

    In this delightful novelty title we get to spend some time with a little crab who races “over the sand with my friends” on the beach, and who hides “between the treasures in the warm tide pool.” We join him for a meal and a nap, and we get to meet his family members.

   Every page in this book has a die-cut hole in the middle of it. Through the holes we can see the little crab finger puppet that is built into the book, which means that we can play with the puppet on every spread of the book. Children will enjoy making the crab move around as he goes about his day.