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Ollie & Moon

Ollie & Moon

Diane Kredensor
Photographer: Sandra Kress
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2011   ISBN: 978-0375866982

Ollie and Moon are a pair of cats who live in Paris and they are the best of friends. Ollie loves to surprise Moon, and Moon loves Ollie’s surprises. Actually, what Moon really enjoys is “trying to guess” what Ollie’s surprises are.

One day Ollie arrives at Moon’s house and he buzzes his friend’s intercom. Ollie tells Moon that he has a surprise for her. Of course, Moon is delighted to hear this, and soon the two friends are walking through the streets of Paris so that Ollie can show Moon his surprise.

On the way, Ollie gets hungry, so the friends stop at a cheese shop (there are lots of cheese shops in Paris) and Ollie gets some Brie to snack on. Ollie tells Moon that her surprise is round, just like the Brie. In the Metro (this is what they call the subway in Paris) Ollie does some funky dance moves for his friend and he tells her that his surprise is musical. Now Moon knows that her surprise is round and it is musical. What other hints is Ollie going to give Moon as they travel around Paris? When is he going to tell her what her surprise is?

In this unique and utterly charming picture book, young readers will get to meet a pair of cats who are the best of friends. Ollie goes out of his way to give his friend Moon a surprise that she will never forget.

Using photos of Paris that are overlaid with comic style illustrations, Diane Kredensor gives her readers a wonderful adventure that will keep them guessing. In addition, young readers will get to enjoy a bookish mini tour of Paris. Ahhh, c’est magnifique!