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Olivia: The Gift Set Collection

Olivia: The Gift Set Collection

Ian Falconer
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 3 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2008   ISBN: 978-1416971313

Olivia is the kind of little girl pig who is "very good at wearing people out." She is always busy, highly curious, creative, and willing to learn and try all kinds of new things. She is very good at some things too. For example she is a master sand castle maker and after a trip to the museum she decides to try to recreate some of the artwork she has seen. Unfortunately she does her painting on a wall in her house which does not please her mother at all. By this time though, her mother has come to expect that Olivia will at times be a bit of a trial but as always, a the end of the day her mother says "you really wear me out. But I love you anyway."

This beautifully simple, deliciously illustrated picture book will resonate with every little child who sometimes does a little too much, and with every parent who sometimes has to deal with that little too much. Children will see that no matter what they do they will be loved, and parents will smile as they recognize the Olivia in their own little boy or girl. Indeed we all have a little Olivia in us – or at least we should. For without that little bit of Olivia-ish-ness in our lives, life would be very dull indeed.

Being able to read this first award-winning Olivia book is a gift enough, but in this gift set, readers can also listen to an audio recording of the book, read by Dame Edna. And, there is a miniature hardcover copy of Olivia... and the missing toy.

This gift set will delight readers who have not yet had the opportunity to meet Olivia, and it will also charm readers who know and love Olivia but who don't have their own copies of her stories.