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Olivia helps with Christmas

Olivia helps with Christmas

Ian Falconer
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-1416907862

It is Christmas Eve and Olivia her family have spent the morning doing their last minute shopping. Olivia is quite worn out but there are still so many things to do. She helps her mother feel baby William - though that does not go all that well. Then she tries to untangle the Christmas lights but that does not go very well either. After that Olivia offers to help lay the table for dinner. She adds her own little touch of Christmas cheer to the table which her mother tries not to be upset about.

Of course the hardest part of all is waiting for the time when Santa will come. Thankfully Olivia's parents come up with a few ideas. They lead in a rousing sing-a-long and then the children put out a snack for Santa.

Finally it is time for bed and Olivia is sure that she will never be able to fall asleep but she does and Christmas day arrives.

In this delightful seasonal addition to the Olivia series Olivia and her family have all kinds of good times and near disasters on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Ian Falconer perfectly captures the highs and lows, the anticipation and the excitement of the holidays as seen through the eyes of the very young in this funny and charming picture book. Illustrated in black, red, white and green, and complimented by the occasional inset photograph or piece of art, this is a picture book which one is unlikely to forget in a hurry.