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Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems

Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems

Susan Katz
Illustrator:  Stacey Schuett 
For ages 5 to 8
Clarion Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-0618702220

Lots of children want to have a pet in their lives, and the boy who features in this book is no exception. He asks if he can get a dog, or a snake, or a horse, but none of these animals are acceptable to his mother. In the end he has to settle for a guinea pig. The boy calls his new pet Theodore, and he does his best to make friends with the little animal. Unfortunately, Theodore is frightened of his owner, which is not that surprising when one considers that a boy is so much bigger than a guinea pig.

The boy soon realizes that Theodore is a real fraidy pig. The only way deal with the problem is to be very quiet and to move very slowly and softly when one is around Theodore’s cage. The boy is patient though. He talks to Theodore, he gives him treats, he does his best to make his pet feel comfortable in his new home. Then, one day, finally, the boy is able to pet Theodore, who “purrs” in response.

In this utterly charming book, Susan Katz tells the story of a boy and his pet using a series of poems that are funny, evocative, and a joy to read. Stacey Schuett’s sensitive and expressive illustrations perfectly compliment the text.