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Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do...because she loves me through and through

Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do...because she loves me through and through

Marianne Richmond
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Sourcebooks, 2013   ISBN: 978-1402282331

When the family dog accidentally unplugs a clock, a little boy is late getting up in the morning and he has to run for the bus. He is followed by his mother, running up the street “in her pajamas and bare feet,” and she is carrying the lunchbox that he forgot. The little boy is amazed by the things that his mother will do for him, and he knows that she does them because she loves him “through and through.”

   When a little girl is feeling unwell and her “tummy’s icky sick,” her mother knows just what to do when the child yells from her mother to “come quick!” Lickety split, the mother is at her child’s side.

   Sick children are not the only ones who profit from the tender care that mothers provide. When a child’s pet hamster is clearly feeling under the weather, the mom in the family makes a bed for herself on the coach and “wakes up round the clock” to tend to the ailing rodent.

  Let us not forget the way in which mothers can find lost treasures. One little girl took her bear with her when she went shopping with her mother, and when the girl found out that she had misplaced her precious friend, her mother retraced their steps until the bear is found.

   Mothers do so many things for their children because they love them “through and through,” and this book celebrates mothers and their big generous and selfless hearts. With charming illustrations and a bouncy rhyming text, this is a perfect book to share with a much loved mother.