Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Od Magic

Od Magic

Patricia A. McKillip
For ages 12 and up
Ace Trade, 2006   ISBN: 0441013341

Hurt by the loss of those whom he loves, Brendan Vetch retreats into himself. He works with the plants that he is so fond of, and learns small new magics in the process. He does not think much about his magical abilities because they have, to some degree, always been there. Then a very tall woman, the powerful wizard Od, invites Brendan to become the gardener in her school of magic in the city of Kelior.

Needing a change of scene, Brendan goes to Kelior, and he begins working with the magical plants in Od’s school of magic. The school is controlled by the king of Numis, who has so many fears that he insists that the wizards and students in Od’s school follow his rules regarding their studies and education. They must comply with his regulations and work for him, or else they are punished.

Brendan quietly works in his gardens, little realizing that a storm is brewing in the near future, one which will sweep up Brendan, a traveling magician, the princess of Numis, and many others, and turn Od’s school of magic upside down.

In this very unique fantasy title, Patricia A McKillip, explores the idea that the working of magic, like so many other creative endeavors, must be allowed to evolve and grow. “Power shaped by wonder and curiosity” is what Od wants for her school, not power tamed and suppressed. It is fascinating to see how the characters change in a relatively short period of time. As the story unfolds, they make some great discoveries, find love, learn about the past, and face the truth.

Readers who enjoy a good fantasy will greatly enjoy this memorable title.