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Ocean Meets Sky

Ocean Meets Sky

The Fan Brothers
Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018   ISBN: 978-1481470377

Finn lives by the sea and he is thinking about his sea-loving grandfather who would have been ninety years old on this day. When he was alive, Finn’s grandfather told Finn stories about “a place far away where ocean meets sky.”

Finn decides to “honor” his grandfather by building a boat, one that would be suitable for a long journey, perhaps to that place where the ocean meets the sky. The boat is cobbled together out of scrap wood, old windows, a piece of fencing, a door, an old tire, some rope, and other bits and pieces, and it take a while to construct. Finn gets tired after his labors and he falls asleep inside his boat.   When he wakes up he finds out that he is at sea and his journey to the place where ocean meets sky has begun.

Under the stars Finn starts to feel rather lonely, which is when an enormous great golden fish joins him. Finn asks the fish if he knows where the ocean meets the sky and the giant creature offers to show him the way.

They sail to the Library Islands and to the island of giant shells. They cross a sea that is full of dancing moon jellies until they come to a place where moon jellies float up into a sky that is full of truly magical things.

The beautiful thing about Finn’s journey is that he sets out seeking one thing, and finds something that he did not know he was looking for. Along the way he sees many remarkable things that we, alongside Finn, can only wonder at.

With glorious illustrations this picture book is a must for anyone who likes magical stories and stunning artwork.