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Nugget on Top of the World

Nugget on Top of the World

Hans de Beer
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2015   ISBN: 978-0735842427

Nugget is a very little dachshund who lives in a big city. He has wonderful owners who take very good care of him and who love him, but Nugget is not fully content with his life because he has “a BIG problem,” which is that he is just too small. He cannot see anything that is taller than the end of his nose no matter what he does.

In the park Nugget’s Great Dane friend lets Nugget sit on his back, but being there just makes Nugget feel scared. Then Nugget looks into a store where they are selling T.Vs and he sees wonderful scenic places on the screens of the TVs. Nugget’s friend Emma tells him that if what he wants is a view, then he should go and visit the bridge, which is near the fish market. The fish market, and therefore the bridge, is easy to find because all Nugget has to do is to follow his nose. The one thing she warns him not to do is to stay out after dark. The city at night is a very different place from the city during the day

Nugget does what Emma advises and he sets off for the bridge. He sees huge buildings, meets a big tomcat, and then finds the fish market. He is almost at his destination!

Young children are going to love meeting Nugget, a little dog who has a very big and brave heart. They will appreciate how the dog feels, because they too have difficulties seeing over counters, and they too spend a lot of their time looking up.