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Not until Christmas, Walter!

Not until Christmas, Walter!

Eileen Christelow
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Clarion, 1997   ISBN: 978-0618246182

Louise is making Christmas presents for everyone in her family. After she has finished making the presents, she goes out to Bob's Grocery to get an extra-large dog biscuit for Walter, the family dog. Then she carefully wraps all the gifts and puts them under the tree. Unfortunately Walter is able to smell that dog biscuit right through its wrapping and, while everyone is asleep, Walter rips open the presents that Louise wrapped. The picture, earrings, and puppet that she made are ruined and, of course, the bone is all eaten up.

Louise is very annoyed with Walter and she is feeling very put out and grumpy. Louise stays grumpy for quite a while, and she is still grumbling when the family goes into the woods to find their Christmas tree. And then Louise gets lost and everything changes.

In this picture book Eileen Christelow, who also wrote Vote! and What do illustrator's do? tells a humorous Christmas story. Readers who have a fondness for dogs will enjoy reading about the things that Walter does, and the surprise ending is sure to delight little children in particular.