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Noonie's Masterpiece

Noonie's Masterpiece

Lisa Railsback
Illustrator:  Sarajo Frieden 
For ages 9 to 12
Chronicle Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-0811866545

Noonie is an artist through and through, just like her mother was before her. She is also a girl who in her art, and in her mood, is extremely blue. Ever since the death of her mother when Noonie was in kindergarten, Noonie’s paintings have been blue. Her blue period has lasted for years because her father is always away from home, and Noonie is living with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Though these people are nice enough, they have no idea what makes Noonie tick, and Noonie feels that she has a singular lack of family.

When Noonie finds out that her school is hosting an art contest, she is delighted. Surely if she wins this contest, her dad will come home, “Pronto.” What could be more prefect than an art contest for a girl who lives and breaths art. Noonie is therefore appalled when she discovers that the contest theme is family. Noonie, the girl who feels she has no family, has to paint her family. What is she going to do?

In this very unique book Lisa Railsback’s clever and engaging text is beautifully complimented by the art of Sarajo Frieden. In no time at all readers will feel as if they are in Noonie’s singular world where she sees the possibility of art all around her.