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Noisy Farm

Noisy Farm

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Tiger Tales, 2013   ISBN: 978-1589256101

One of the things little children love about animals is the fact that animals make all kinds of interesting noises, noises that they enjoy copying. Though roaring like a lion and howling like a wolf is fun, children often favor making noises like the domesticated animals they see in homes and on farms, animals that they are more familiar with.

   In this clever novelty board book little children can learn facts about farm animals, touch interesting textured surfaces, and listen to the noises that five farm animals make. On the first page we see a photo of a cow and we learn that “she lives in a barn with her spotted calf.” We also learn that cows like to eat grass. We are then asked if we can “moo like a cow,” and if we pat the furry textured back of the cow in the picture we can hear a mooing sound.

   Similarly, ruffling the rooster’s features makes him crow, tickling the piglet’s velvety ear makes it oink, and stroking the lamb’s wooly fleece makes it baa. We also can touch the horse’s mane to hear her neigh. At the end of the book we are asked to choose which of the animals we have met is our favorite, and if we press a button we can hear the farm animal noises all over again.

   Children are going to have a grand time exploring this entertaining and educational novelty book.