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No T. Rex in the Library

No T. Rex in the Library

Tonie Buzzeo
Illustrator:  Sachiko Yoshikawa 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Simon and Schuster, 2010   ISBN: 978-1416939276

It is Tuesday morning and Tess and her mother are at the library. Tess is so “out of control” that she is behaving like a “beastie.” Her mother decides that Tess needs to take a ten minute time out to calm down. Unfortunately Tess does not behave during her time out. She tips a chair over, knocks over a shelf of books, and books go flying all over the floor.

As books skitter across the floor, something amazing happens. T. Rex comes out of one of the books, and in a moment Tess is on his back and they are rampaging around the library. Soon they are crashing and stomping their way through piratical adventures at sea, they are part of a chase in the Wild West, and they climb up a stack of books into space. T. Rex has knocked over shelves and messed up books with impunity, but when he tears a book Tess puts her foot down. Enough is enough!

This picture book with its roars, snarls, yells, and other sound words celebrates a child’s imagination as she spends a little “quiet time” at the library. Children who have a hard time keeping still during story time are such to appreciate this action-packed tale.