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Nightrise: Book Three of the Gatekeepers

Nightrise: Book Three of the Gatekeepers

Anthony Horowitz
Fiction  Series
For ages 14 to and up
Scholastic, 2007   ISBN: 978-0439680011

Jamie and Scott are twin brothers and they have always been different. They never knew who their parents and they have been raised by foster families. More importantly the boys have always been able to read the minds of others. Because of this ability they are now having to work as performers in a show in Reno, reading minds for an audience twice a day. Unfortunately a company called Nightrise has heard about their abilities and quite out of the blue several men from the company have come to get the boys.

Scott is caught by the men but Jamie is able to get away, helped by a woman who thankfully just happens to be there when Jamie needs her the most. She tells Jamie about her son, Danny, who was also kidnapped and who also appears to have special powers similar to the ones that the twins possess. Can it be that Nightrise is going around the country kidnapping children who have unusual powers?

Determined to get Scott back Jamie goes into the Nightrise office in Los Angeles, finds out that Scott is being kept in a prison in a Nevada desert, and goes in after him. Unfortunately Scott is no longer in the desert prison when Jamie gets there but as a result of going to the prison Jamie learns that he and Scott are Gatekeepers, two of five children who must protect the world from the Old Ones. Jamie learns that should the Old Ones prevail, they will most certainly destroy the world just as they very nearly did many thousands of years ago. Jamie and Scott must get together with the other three Gatekeepers for only then can they do what they were meant to do. Only then can they stop Nightrise and the Old Ones forever.

In this gripping third book in the Gatekeepers series Anthony Horowitz takes his readers on an extraordinary journey. Not only will readers travel with Jamie and Scott in the present but they will also go back in time with Jamie to a world of thousands of years ago. It will be a journey which will change everything for the fourteen-year-old, for once he has been to the past Jamie will finally understand who he is and what he has to do.