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Nabeel's New Pants

Nabeel's New Pants

Fawzia Gilani-Williams
Illustrator:  Proiti Roy 
Marshall Cavendish Children's Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-0761456292

It is the day before the Eid, and Nabeel has completed his day’s work making shoes. One his way home, Nabeel stops at Hamzi’s clothes shop. He buys his wife a burqa and his mother a dupatta, and his daughter some bangles. Then he decides to buy himself a new pair of pants so that he too will be well dressed on the Eid. Unfortunately, the pants are four fingers too long, but perhaps Nabeel’s wife can hem them for him.

When he gets home, Nabeel gives his wife Yasmeen her gift and then he asks her if she can fix his pants for her. The Eid is a busy time though, and Yasmeen has cooking to finish. At his mother’s house, Nabeel gets a similar response. His mother is delighted with her gift but she has cooking to do. What is poor Nabeel to do? Will no one fix his pants for him? Perhaps he should do the job himself.

In this amusing holiday tale, children will not only be entertained by the narrative, but they will also see what some of the traditions of this holiday are. In addition they will see how the members of a close family share their love for each other, and how it is a wonderful thing, even if things don’t work out quite as everyone expected!