Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

My Toys

My Toys

Illustrator:  Caroline Davis 
Novelty Book
For infants to age 2
Tiger Tales, 2007   ISBN: 1589258258

A little boy is playing with his favorite toys. He is looking for the toys that are “hiding” from him. Who is that peeping out of the toy chest? Why, it is the little boy’s stuffed crocodile. Now the little boy is looking for something that is hidden in the toy farm. What can it be? Look, it is the farmer doll.

In this simple lift-a-flap book, little children get to guess what is hiding in the pictures. They are given clues, and if they don’t know the answer, all they have to do it to lift the easy-to-lift tab flap to see what is beneath.

This is one in a series of lift-the-flap board books published by Tiger Tales. Other titles in the series include: My Pets and My Friends.