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My Pen Pal, Santa

My Pen Pal, Santa

Melissa Stanton
Illustrator:  Jennifer A. Bell 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2013   ISBN: 978-0375869921

   It is early January and Ave decides to write a thank-you note to Santa. In her letter she thanks him for the presents he left for her, asks him why he did not eat her cookies, and she also asks him what he does at the North Pole on New Year’s Eve.

   Santa isn’t used to getting letters from children after Christmas and since he has the time, he answers Ava questions. Apparently the “jolly old elf” is trying to cut back on sweet things and he suggests that Ava leave him (and the reindeer) carrots next Christmas Eve. He tells Ava that he goes to bed early on New Year’s Eve because he is worn out from all the “Christmas work” he has to do.

   Ava then sends Santa a Valentine’s card in February, and in March she tells him that she lost a tooth and asks if he knows the tooth fairy. Their correspondence continues throughout the year, and Ava gets to know about Santa and his life.

   In this charming book Santa fans will learn a great deal about the man who brings joy to so many children. It is interesting to see how he interacts with his little pen pal, and young readers will be delighted to read the letters Santa and Ava write and to see the how their story ends.