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My Naughty Little Sister Audio

My Naughty Little Sister Audio

Dorothy Edwards
For ages 4 to 6
Unabridged audiobook (Cassette)
Performed/read by: Jan Francis
Chivers North America, 2003   ISBN: 978-0754063681

My naughty little sister is a funny child who is always getting herself into pickles. Sometimes it is just by chance that she gets into rouble, but more often it is because the little girl is so very naughty.

One example of this is the time with my naughty little sister goes to her friend Harry’s birthday party. Bad Harry is my naughty little sister’s best friend and when the two of them get together one can be pretty sure that they are going to get into mischief. On this occasion Bad Harry and my naughty little sister decide that they are going to try some of the trifle that Bad Harry’s mother made for the birthday party tea. In actual fact, Harry and my naughty little sister end up eating the whole trifle all by themselves. Not surprisingly both children get into big trouble and they both end up with a terrible stomach ache.

On another occasion my naughty little sister gets into a terrible temper and she throws her older sister’s beautiful and very special fairy doll out of the window. Surprisingly something good comes of this awful affair and my naughty little sister learns a valuable lesson.

This charming and often funny collection of stories about a little girl’s life will greatly appeal to little girls who have a tendency to get into trouble. They will immediately identify with my naughty little sister and they will certainly laugh at the odd little things she says and does. Shirley Hughes perfectly captures the character of the wilful little girl in her black ink illustrations.

Jan Francis tells this wonderful story with great humor and an understanding of what life with a naughty little girl in the house can be like.