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My Nature Sticker Activity Book: In the Vegetable Garden

My Nature Sticker Activity Book: In the Vegetable Garden

Olivia Cosneau
Activity Book
For ages 5 to 7
Princeton Architectural Press, 2017   ISBN: 978-1616895716

Planting and taking care of a vegetable garden is a lot of work, but the rewards can be enormous. Not only do we get to harvest all kinds of delicious veggies, but we also get to enjoy the process of caring for them and watching them grow.

In this clever activity book we get to explore what it is like to create a vegetable garden, and we learn about the many plant species that you find in such gardens. Before we can put plants in the ground we need to make sure that we have the right tools. Then we can plant our salad greens seeds in pots. After a month has passed the little seedlings can be transplanted into the garden.

Vegetables come in many forms. Potatoes are tubers and carrots and radishes are root vegetables. In both cases the edible part of the plant grows underground.

Though we think of tomatoes are being a vegetable, they are actually fruits. Tomato plants need to be tied to stakes so that they don’t tip over, and if you plant marigolds around them insects will leave your tomatoes alone.

Just like any other garden, a vegetable garden has “enemies” that we need to keep away from our plants. A scarecrow will take care of the birds, ladybugs will get rid of aphids, and hedgehogs will eat slugs.

On every page of this book children are invited to add stickers to the artwork, and in many cases they also get to color pictures and draw things in. At the back of the book little armchair gardeners are invited to take a quiz to see how much they have learned about gardening.