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My Mother Is a French Fry and Further Proof of My Fuzzed-Up Life

My Mother Is a French Fry and Further Proof of My Fuzzed-Up Life

Colleen Sydor
For ages 14 and up
Kids Can Press, Ltd., 2008   ISBN: 978-1554531837

Eli is convinced that her cheerful, friendly, and irrepressible mother is the reason why her life is a mess. Her mother's job is to walk around wearing a French fry costume, and the woman goes around the neighborhood taking things out of other people's trashcans so that she can reuse them. Thus Eli's house is also a source of mortification. What if the neighbors come around and find their old CD rack or their old door sitting in Eli's house? It is just more than a normal fifteen year old can bear.

When Eli thinks that nothing could possibly be worse, her mother does something that is beyond the pale; she gets pregnant. How horrific! How mortifying! Eli is embarrassed, angry, and determined to make her mother feel as awful as possible. It does not help that Eli's new boyfriend, her father, and seemingly everyone else is fine with this new development. How can they think that this pregnancy is all right? Why don't they support Eli in her campaign against her knocked up mother?

With poignant honesty and candor, the author of this book gives her readers a picture of what it is liked to be a teenager who is pain and who needs someone to listen to her. She also shows her audience that old hurts can sometimes fester until something just has to give, and the result can be quite explosive.

With wry humor and a true appreciation for what it is like to be young and full of anger, Colleen Sydor gives us a memorable book that will make readers both laugh and reach for the Kleenex box.