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My Mom Is the Best Circus

My Mom Is the Best Circus

Luciana Navarro Powell
Board book
For ages 3 to 5
Random House, 2013   ISBN: 978-0307931436

It is morning, and a little boy is woken up when his mother opens the curtains in bedroom and greets the day with a smile. She marches to the kitchen with the little boy and his sister following in her wake, yawning and still half asleep. Like a circus juggler Mom carries cereal, catches pieces of toast in a bowl, and talks on the phone all at the same time.

If you think this is amazing you should see how she tames the laundry into going into the washing machine “without blinking her eyes.” She also has the ability to walk on stilts (high heels). When she comes home in the evening, she produces amazing meals like a magician, and she is a wonderful clown when a clown is needed.

In this charming board book a rhyming text that is paired with engaging artwork shows children how amazing mothers are.