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My Little Chalkboard: Animal Friends - A Learning-to-write Book

My Little Chalkboard: Animal Friends - A Learning-to-write Book

Nancy E. Krulik
Illustrator:  Barroux 
Novelty Book
For ages 3 to 6
Running Press Kids, 2004   ISBN: 0762414359

Learning how to get letters to come out right,  and figuring out which sounds go with which letter can be very confusing. With this wonderful board novelty book a youngster can not only practice writing the letters of the alphabet and basic words, but they are also encouraged to associate letters with activities that they enjoy.

A simple rhyming text about an animal introduces each letter. The reader can then practice writing the letter on the chalkboard on the facing page. The reader also has another chalk drawing activity to try. For example on the dog (D) page the author asks her reader to draw “a picture of yourself and your best friend.”

This clever little book comes complete with coloured chalk, a chalk board eraser and a cleaning cloth in a sealable box. The chalk boards work very well, and small children greatly enjoy being able to be “like teacher.”

On the back of the book these is a note for parents and teachers to show them how they can use the book to best effect.