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My First Lift-the-Flap Animal Book

My First Lift-the-Flap Animal Book

Amy Mullen
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Duopress, 2018   ISBN: 978-1946064950

Children love learning about animals, and they will often proudly show their grownups that they know the names of the animals that they see on the television screen, or on the pages of books or magazines.

In this wonderful novelty board book, children are presented with ten spreads that are packed with labeled pictures of animals. Each spread focuses on one animal category. Among others, there are animals that live “In the House,” animals that are big, animals that are fast, “Animals with stripes,” and animals that live in places that are cold.

In addition to the pictures, which are labeled with the name of the animal that we are seeing, there are flaps to lift on every spread. For example, on the big animal page we see a blue whale, a giraffe, an elephant seal, a brown bear, an elephant, a white rhino, an anaconda, a crocodile, and a guar. There are also two flaps to lift. On one there is a picture of an animal that is mostly submerged in the water with only its ears and eyes showing. On another there is a picture of a fin sticking out of the water. We have to try to figure out what these hidden animals are and then then we can lift the flap to see if we guessed correctly.

Children are going to thoroughly enjoy getting to know the animals in this book. Some of the creatures will be familiar, but some will be new to little readers. This book will surely make little readers want to know about the amazing animal kingdom.