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My First Jumbo Tab Book: Things that go

My First Jumbo Tab Book: Things that go

The editors at Little Tiger Press
Board Book
For ages 1 to 3
Tiger Tales, 2014 

Our world is full of machines “that go.” There are the cars that we sit in every day to go to work or school; there are the trains that travel on, under or even above the ground; there are the planes that carry us to distant places through the air. Children often have a deep and abiding love of such machines, and this book will delight them with its wonderful annotated photographs and its interesting questions, one of which appears on every spread.

   The book is divided into six parts. The first one shows us machines that go “In the Sky.” In addition to various kinds of planes, we also see a hang glider, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, a parasail and a blimp. We are asked, “Which one would you like the best?”

   Next there are machines that move on roads and rails. We see a car, a truck and a bus, and we also see a motorcycle, a bicycle, a train and a trolley. We are asked how many of the vehicles on the pages “can you spot today?”

   What makes this book special, aside from the tabs that mark each new section, is that there are surprises on every spread. Children will see photos of machines or vehicles that they might not think about normally.