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My First Jumbo Tab Book: My busy day

My First Jumbo Tab Book: My busy day

The editors at Little Tiger Press
Board Book
For ages 1 to 3
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589255906

It might seem that little children don’t do much all day long, but in fact they are busy for much of them time. Their activities are simple, and yet to the children these activities are important and some of them even include adventures!

   In this photo-filled tabbed board book, a small child’s day is divided up into six categories. We begin on the first tab with “Getting Dressed.” On the page we see labeled photos of clothes and a pair of shoes, and we also see a little toddler wearing a dress. We are invited to look “at the colorful clothes,” and they certainly are colorful.

   Next we go to the park and we are asked “How many of these can you spot today?” There are pictures of just some of the things that we often see at the park, things like a butterfly, a bird, a flower, and a dog.

   The tabs that follow take us to a preschool, we share in a meal, we have fun during bath time, and then we get ready for bed.

   Young children are going to have a grand time exploring this tab book. With its sturdy board pages that are full of colorful photos, and simple yet engaging text prompts, the book is perfect for little children to enjoy on their own or with their favorite grownups.