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My first book of things to learn

My first book of things to learn

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2013   ISBN: 978-1589256354

When children are little they spend a great deal of time every day learning about their environment, often through experiencing things for themselves. When they burn their fingers they learn that it is unwise to touch a hot dish, and they learn that ice cream should be licked and not bitten when they bite into an ice cream cone for the first time and freeze their teeth.

   Now children’s every day learning can be supplemented. In this excellent title the Tiger Tales editors provide little children with a tool to help them learn about colors, animal noises, shapes, baby animals, numbers, and objects. Each page has a sturdy tab with a picture on it to help children to know what the topic on that page is, and on every spread children are encouraged to match something on the left hand page with photos shown on the right hand page.

   For example, on the shapes page we see pictures of eight shapes on the left hand page. We are asked if we can “match up all these shapes” with the things pictured on the facing page. Children will be able to figure out that the watermelon slice matches up with the green semicircle, and that the brown egg looks like the picture of the orange oval.

   The clever format, labeled illustrations and photos, and interesting challenges make this a perfect book for children who are curious and eager to learn.