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My Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America

My Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America

Diane Iverson
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Dawn, 1999   ISBN: 978-1883220938

Twenty-seven children or groups of children have decided to share something very special with us. They are going to tell us which tree is their favorite. The children come from the United States, Mexico, or Canada and for each tree they tell us what makes ?their? tree special. For a group of children in Hawaii the ?Ohi?a Lehua tree is special because it gives them flowers for their birthday party leis and for two children living in the south west the Joshua tree is their favorite because it is ?so weird and different from any other tree.?

In addition to hearing what these children like best about their favorite trees, we are also given a great deal of wonderful information about each tree. This includes: where it can be found, how big it is, what its leaves look like, and what kinds of animals live in and around it. We are also given a ?Hall of Fame? fact about each tree. For example the Redwood is the world?s largest tree and the sugar maple is not only the national tree of Canada but it is also the state tree for the states of Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Packed full of information which is presented in a visually interesting and appealing way, this is a wonderful guide book to the world of trees. It is also made very personal because we are able to read the thoughts and ideas of the children. Readers will see that trees are not just large plants that stand in yards and parks, woods, and forests. They are also friends to play around, to look at, and to admire.