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My Collection of Collections

My Collection of Collections

Nina Chakrabarti
Activity Book
For ages 6 to 8
Laurence King Publishing, 2017   ISBN: 978-1786270610

Many people love to collect things. Among other things, adults like to collect paintings, books, decorative plates, and figurines of. Children love their collections of dinosaur figures, stickers, rocks, shells, and candy wrappers, which they organize again and again and pore over. There is something wonderful about finding a new addition for our collections.

This wonderful interactive book explores all kinds of collections. Some are cared for with great attention to detail, like stamp collections, which are placed in a special album. Collections of plants are also watched over so that they don’t die.

Sometimes collections allow us to connect with the past. Collections of things from long ago, for example, might include ancient coins, pieces of tile, old medals, sparkly gems, and fossils. If the items are rare and exotic they might even be the kind of thing that should be put in a museum.

There are also collections of things that are useful, like shoe collections or mug collections. Others collections are purely educational or entertaining, like leaf, button, or matchbox collections.

Then there are those collections which are unintentional. For example, the collection that lies in a box in the lost and found department in a railway station. In this collection we find toys, keys, a watch, a mitten, a wallet, and even a violin. Similarly there is the collection that ends up in a pocket or a handbag. Here you find things like a bankcard, shopping lists, hair accessories, lip balm, coins, and pens.

As readers look through this book they will see so many kinds of collections, some of which are odd, and others of which are inspiring. What makes the book special is that on almost every page there are places where the reader can add stickers to the artwork (these are provided at the back of the book) or where they can add something to the illustrations. They can color things in, add drawings of their own, stick items to the pages, and more. In short, young readers will be able to interact with the collections in this book, and perhaps they will be inspired by what they see to start a collection of their own.