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My Book of Counting

My Book of Counting

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Illustrator:  Britta Teckentrup 
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589255852

For generations children’s book writers and illustrators have been offering their readers stories featuring animals. Children are often delighted when they see elephants and tigers, pigs and cows doing interesting things on the pages of their books.

In this clever counting book children are presented with a veritable parade of creatures to look at and to count. It begins with an elephant who is riding a very small scooter and sporting a rather small top hat. We are told that the elephant is “scooting on his way,” and we are asked “How many flamingoes can he see today?” On the facing page we see pictures of twenty-seven different kinds of animals and we have to figure out how many of them are flamingoes.

Next we see two sweet looking pandas “zooming” around on a green vespa. On the facing page there is once again illustrations showing a collection of animals. This time we need to count how many crocodiles there are.

We go on to see three little pigs in a digging machine, four giraffes in a sports car, five monkeys in a tractor, six frogs in a police car, seven penguins in a fire truck, eight cats in a car, nine toucans in a truck, and ten animals in a double decker bus.

With bright illustrations, a rhyming text, amusing looking animals characters, and lots of opportunities to practice counting, this board book is a perfect tool to use to help children learn how to count.