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Muddle Earth Too

Muddle Earth Too

Paul Stewart , Chris Riddell
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Macmillan Children's Books, 2011   ISBN: 978-0230747678

Joe can hardly believe that he is still in Muddle Earth, and still in the company of Randulf The Wise, Veronica his budgie familiar, and Norbert the ogre. A victim of a spell gone wrong, Joe has been forced to take on the role of a warrior hero. So far he has solved a mix-up which involved a very distraught ogre, and now he finds himself having to take on the role once again.

This time Joe has to go to rescue Randalf when the wizard mistakenly is stolen away by a dragon. Joe soon discovers that the dragon, a very charming peaceful beast, meant to steal only a large collection of cutlery and had no idea that a wizard was mixed in amongst the spoons and sugar tongs. What is even more puzzling is that the cutlery is all animated and bent on making some strange journey that no one can figure out. Somewhere, in the background, an evil presence is at work, trying to mess things up in Muddle Earth. Somewhere there is a character who is out to take over Muddle Earth and make it his personal playground.

In this second instalment of the Muddle Earth trilogy, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell once again take us to the ridiculous land where silverware creates music, where an evil character attacks his enemy with flying furniture, and where life generally speaking is incredibly confusing, silly, and entertaining. Even Joe, who only wants to go home, can?t help liking the odd Muddle Earth personalities he meets and cannot help getting caught up in the ludicrous muddles that they make of their lives.

Punctuated by Randalf bellowing "shut up Veronica" at regular intervals and by the gentle voice of a dragon who gets migraines, this telling of Muddle Earth book two will leave listeners chuckling long after the story has been told and the tape player has been switched off.