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Mrs. Claus Explains it All

Mrs. Claus Explains it All

Elsbeth Claus
Illustrator:  David Wenzel 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Sourcebooks , 2008   ISBN: 978-1402211058

Children all over the world often wonder about Santa Claus's home, his life, and his work. Why can't we see his home at the North Pole? What is his house like? How does Santa know where children live and if they have been "naughty or nice?" I am delighted to say that these and many other questions have now been answered by someone who knows all about Santa – Mrs. Claus herself.

We are very lucky that Mrs. Claus is taking the time to answer our questions, and let me tell you that her answers are very detailed and complete. For example I am willing to bet that you have wondered where Santa's Elves come from. Mrs. Claus tells us that the Elves used to live side by side with humans until human societies became noisy and crowded. Then the Elves retreated to quiet places where they could live in peace – underground, in trees and on high mountaintops. Needing some help in his workshop Santa sent messages to the Elves offering them jobs and a home, and they "turned up in droves from all around the world" to live and work by Santa's side.

If you are anything like me you have probably wondered if all reindeer can fly. Mrs. Claus explains that only a special kind of reindeer can fly. These reindeer have a special genes that give them the ability to race across the sky.

This wonderfully entertaining and richly illustrated picture book will give readers a splendid picture of what life at Santa's North Pole is like. With humor and an obvious appreciation for the curiosity of children, Elsbeth Claus gives her readers plenty to think about.