Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Mr. Putter & Tabby Spin the Yarn

Mr. Putter & Tabby Spin the Yarn

Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator:  Arthur Howard 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 8
HMH Books for Young Readers, 2007   ISBN: 978-0152060954

Mr. Putter is very lucky because he has a wonderful neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry. Mrs. Teaberry is always doing nice things for Mr. Putter; making him delicious treats to eat for one thing. Mr. Putter is beginning to think that perhaps he should find ways to return her kindness, so when she tells him that she is holding a knitting club meeting at her house he offers to serve the tea to Mrs. Teaberry and her guests.

The next day Mr. Putter and his cat Tabby go over to Mrs. Teaberry's house to help out. Mrs. Teaberry's dog Zeke has been locked in the kitchen because he wants to eat the hat that one of the knitters is wearing. Not surprisingly Tabby is having a hard time being around so much yarn, so Mr. Putter and Tabby join Zeke in the kitchen and begin to prepare the tea.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Putter opens the kitchen door to bring out the tea tray, Zeke escapes with Tabby hot on his heels. Needless to say chaos ensues and Mrs. Teaberry's guests are most put out. It looks like poor Mr. Putter's efforts to do something nice have backfired.

Anyone who has had a pet who has gone crazy in the presence of company will appreciate this hilarious and charming story. Zeke cannot help having a fondness for decorated hats, and Tabby cannot help finding yarn irresistible (to play with that is). Pets will do what comes natural to them, no matter what.

Amusing illustrations, lovable characters, and a delightfully funny story make this a winning title in the Mr. Putter and Tabby series.