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Mr Badger and the Big Surprise

Mr Badger and the Big Surprise

Leigh Hobbs
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 8
Allen and Unwin, 2013   ISBN: 978-1742374178

Mr Badger worked at the Boubles (prounounced Boublay) Grand Hotel. He was the Special Events Manager at the hotel, which meant that he arranged all the weddings, birthdays, and other parties that were hosted there. For weeks Mr Badger and his assistant Miss Pims prepared for a very special event. The hotel was going to host a seventh birthday party for Sylvia Smothers-Carruthers, the granddaughter of the owners of the hotel. Sylvia’s family was rich and Sylvia was very spoiled, so the party was going to be a grand affair.

On the big day Mr. Badger and Miss Pims made sure that the party decorations were perfect, they ensured that mountains of delicious treats were ready, and they planned the party so that everyone (hopefully) would have a grand time.

When the guests started to arrive, everything was perfect. The ballroom of the hotel looked gorgeous, the guests came dressed in their best party clothes, and Sylvia walked down a red carpet escorted by her grandparents.  One would think that she would be delighted with her party, but she wasn’t. When the table of gifts was accidentally knocked over, Sylvia had a tantrum, and Mr. Badger had to swoop in to fix things. After the table was put back to rights, Sylvia jumped on it and began to rip open the presents in a very rude fashion. She did not even have the decency to thank her guests for the gifts. Instead, she looked disappointed. Once again Mr Badger stepped in to help. He removed Sylvia from the table so that the party could resume. It was clear that Mr. badger was going to have to stay on his toes for the entire party.

Children are going to have a grand time getting to know gentle, dependable, and much-loved Mr. Badger. They will enjoy finding out about Mr. Badger’s life and his work, and will be delighted to see how the dear animal’s day works out.