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Moxie: The Dachshund of Fallingwater

Moxie: The Dachshund of Fallingwater

Cara Armstrong
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Bright Sky Press, 2010   ISBN: 1933979704

Moxie the long-haired dachshund lives in a special house called Fallingwater with her brothers and sisters. Her owners, Mr. and Mrs. K, love to come to the house on the weekends to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. Fallingwater was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who has a very unique way of designing buildings. Thankfully Mr. Wright has the vision to see that the dachshunds have impeccable style, and he builds the house taking their tastes and needs into consideration. Indeed Moxie is convinced that Mr. Wright was greatly inspired by her and her siblings.

For example the rocks for the waterfall under Fallingwater look just like the fur that “cascades and feathers” down the dog’s backs, and Moxie is sure that the dog’s tails gave Mr. Wright the idea for the cantilevered desks that he built into the house.

Moxie is a very helpful dog, and she does a grand job helping Mrs. K get ready for her dinner parties. Then she and her siblings welcome the guests in proper dachshund fashion.

In this delightful picture book, Cara Armstrong uses her charming dachshund characters to give her readers an intimate tour of Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous creations. She bases her story on real facts about the Kaufman family, who owned Fallingwater, and the dogs that lived with them.

Readers will find more information about Fallingwater, the Kaufmans, and their dogs in the front and the back of the book.