Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Mouse was mad

Mouse was mad

Linda Urban
Illustrator:  Henry Cole 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Harcout, 2009   ISBN: 0152053379

Mouse is really really angry. In fact, he is “hopping mad.” When hare sees mouse’s hopping, he decides to show Mouse how to hop properly. Mouse’s efforts at hopping are, quite frankly, “ridiculous.” Of course Hare is a “hopping wiz” and he does a fantastic job. When Mouse tries to emulate Hare’s stellar performance he falls into a “mucky mud puddle.”

Needless to say this makes Mouse angrier than ever. Now he is “Stomping mad.” Mouse stomps around until Bear turns up. Bear shows Mouse how stomping should be done. Real stomping should make the trees shake and the earth rumble. Alas for poor mouse; when he stomps nothing shakes or rumbles. Instead, Mouse falls into another mud puddle.

Everyone has days when they are annoyed at the world. This book was clearly written for just such days. With a deliciously funny storyline, and wonderfully animated illustrations, this is a picture book that little children will enjoy listening to, and laughing at, again and again.