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Mouse and Mole: A Winter Wonderland

Mouse and Mole: A Winter Wonderland

Wong Herbert Yee
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Houghton Mifflin , 2010   ISBN: 978-0547341521

One morning Mouse wakes up and she sees that it is snowing. Thrilled right down to the tip of her tail, Mouse puts on her snow pants, her new boots, her hat, her scarf, her winter coat, and her mittens. Then she rushes to Mole’s house and she invites her best friend to join her in the “winter wonderland.”

Unfortunately, for Mouse, Mole does not think much of all the snow or the pretty icicles. All he wants to do is to go back to bed, which is exactly what he does. Mouse tries not to mind being alone. She sleds, she skates, and she throws snowballs. She also discovers that it is not much fun playing in the snow alone. Being a creative sort of animal, Mouse decides that she needs to make a playmate for herself.

This delightful chapter book perfectly captures the joys of a snowy day, and it also celebrates a special friendship between two very different animals. Somehow, their differences don’t really matter, and in the end they are together and happy to be in each others company.