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Mothstorm or The Horror from Georgium Sidus or A Tale of Two Shapers

Mothstorm or The Horror from Georgium Sidus or A Tale of Two Shapers

Philip Reeve
Illustrator:  David Wyatt 
Fiction  Series
For ages 10 and up
Bloomsbury, 2008   ISBN: 978-1599903033

Art and Myrtle Mumby are looking forward to having a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings in Larklight, their unique free-floating space home. The crew of the Sophronia is coming to Larklight to celebrate with the Mumbys, and it promises to be an enjoyable time for all. Then, quite out of the blue, all their jolly festive plans are upset.

One of Her Majesty's aether warships arrives at Larklight, and the Mumbys and their guests learn that something very sinister is going on at the edge of the Known Universe. An ominous cloud of unknown origin is developing around the planet Georgium Sidus. In addition, a missionary – who is one of Mr. Mumby's old friends – has disappeared out there, and there is a good chance that the cloud and the missionary's disappearance are related in some way.

It is decided that the Mumbys will board the warship and depart for Georgium Sidus post haste. Perhaps it will not be too late to save the missing missionary, and perhaps Mrs. Mumby - who is an alien being of great power - will be able to determine what the cloud is. No one imagines for a minute that in the not to distant future they will be battling to save their universe from a terrible fate.

In this third book about Art and Myrtle Mumby, the author once again switches his narrative from Art to Myrtle and back. It is amusing to observe how differently these two young people see the world. Indeed, the whole story is peppered with humor, some of which older readers will find particularly entertaining.

This wonderfully written, funny, and very addictive title will have readers laughing out loud and wishing that they too could live in a world where sentient species of all kinds live side by side.